Winter Rental Gear

Cross country skiing (Nordic, XC-skiing) is one of the oldest winter sports. It's a fun and easy to learn activity. 

The wide dimension and partial metal edged rental skis enhance stability and edge control for on or off-trail snow conditions. They're an excellent ski for the beginner to intermediate skier.

Cross Country Ski Rentals;

$15 a day (includes, skis, boots and poles)

Call ahead to reserve your size ski and boot.

Snowshoeing is the easiest winter sport to learn! A great way to get outdoors, exercise and breath in fresh crisp air with ease and the stability of the oversized snowshoes. 
The Trailhead has a large variety of sizes. 
Snowshoe Rentals:
$15 a day for adult (includes snowshoes and poles)
$10 a day for child (includes snowshoes)
Call ahead to reserve your size.
Photo credit: Kristin Hauter

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