Phillips North Shoreline Trail 1608 (moderate grades, easy to more difficult) – about 7.5 miles

Phillips South Shoreline Trail 1610 (moderate grades, but ‘easy’ level) – about 6 miles

Directions to North Shoreline Trail access:

From Baker City:

  • Travel south on Highway 7 for about 17 miles to the Mason Dam Boat Launch. The turn to the boar launch is quick , so be ready as you get to the top up the grade toward the lake (also shown as Forest Road 200).

  • Turn left off Highway 7 and go down to parking area. The trail begins on the slope above the toilet. This is the eastern access point of the North Shoreline Trail.

  • About 7.5 miles to Hudspeth Road parking/West side of the lake.


You can also access the North Shore trail near the upper end (Western side) of Phillips Lake. To get to the western access point:

  • Continue on Hwy 7 for about 5 more miles to Hudspeth Road located at the upper end of the lake.

  • Turn left off of Highway 7 on Hudspeth Road and go 0.5 miles to a large gravel parking area on your left.

  • Go around the circular parking area and look for a small wood trail sign.

  • The trail begins on the northern side of the parking area going through the rock dredge piles and eventually along the lake.

  • About 7.5 miles to Mason Dam Boat Launch.


Directions to South Shoreline Trail access:

From Baker City:

  • Travel south on Highway 7 about 16.5 miles to the Black Mountain Road (also known as Forest Road 1145). This road junction is before the top of the hill, so be ready for a quick left hand turn!

  • Turn left on Forest Road 1145 going about 0.5 miles and crossing Mason Dam.

  • Once across the southern end of the dam, the Southeast Shore Trailhead parking area is on the left near kiosk.

  • The trail starts at this eastern access point near the lake.

  • About 6 miles to the western access point at Southwest Shore Campground.


You can also access the trail on the western end near the lake at Southwest Shore Campground, Millers Lane Campground, and Deans Creek Trailhead. Follow signs to Southwest Shore Campground via Hudspeth Road (see directions to western access point of North Shoreline Trail above).

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