TSP Goals

First Year Goals (January 1st 2021-December 31st 2021)


  1. Identify all numbered USFS trails and create a comprehensive list of all trails and current status of all trails in and around Baker County. 


  • Elkhorn Crest Trail #1611-Open and in good condition

  • Dutch Flat Trail #1607-Open but trees down, bridge repair necessary, some tread repair. 

  • Martin Bridge Trail #1878-First three miles from Eagle Fork Campground in good condition. Not passable after 3 miles. 


​2.  Identify all user-built trails to discuss with WWNF and any plans to include as a numbered USFS trail, decommission, or continue with status quo. 

3.  Identify one representative of each significant user group. 

  • Hiking

  • Biking

  • Equestrian/Pack Groups

  • Motorized

4.  Host initial meeting with each user group to inform each group of our overall vision, goals, and priorities. This meeting will also allow for direct feedback from each group.

  • This group is not intended to be a committee or an organized group that will need to follow Roberts Rules of Order, or appointments, or elections.

  • Based on feedback, priorities will be identified by The Trailhead and submitted to the WWNF for review. Not approval, but review.

  • This group is designed to get shit done with simple and clear communication. Not to get bogged down with too many meetings and talk.

  • Each user group will be represented evenly.


5.  Hire one full-time, seasonal employee and one part-time seasonal employee dedicated to trail maintenance and repair. 

  • The additional leg work, admin, and trail inventory and condition update will be completed by Trailhead staff. 

  • As mentioned above, if grant opportunities present themselves the TSP will be motivated to add additional staff for trail specific work while ALMR/Trailhead staff assumes all admin/overhead expense.

6.  Complete 20 miles of trail maintenance and repair

7.  Have a signage in place so the public understands where to report trail conditions and how to report.

8.  Improve three trailhead locations. Paint, consistent signage, etc.

  • It is our belief that if we start to improve the overall appearance and first impression in the Forest the more likely visitors from out of the area will be to respect the Forest. 

  • Consistent signage including contact information to report trail conditions, nearest cell service, nearest hospital or EMS, Baker County Sheriff Dispatch contact information.

  • Clear and consistent signage on how to recreate responsible.

9.  In addition to the physical trailhead locations, establish clear and consistent messaging via social media and any and all pertinent digital platforms. 

10.  Work directly with WWNF Road Department and develop a comprehensive plan on improvement of wayfinding.


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